Already in Year 10 or Year 11?

Already in 10th or 11th grade?

If you are already in grade 10 or 11, due to certain circumstances, just start thinking about studying in the UK and the US. Take a deep breath, you still have time, and understand it is not an impossible task.

You will not be the first or the last student in High school only just beginning this process. We are here to help, and we have track record to send students to their dream college even they started in the beginning of term 2 in Year 12!

Prioritized mentor time

In terms of the mentor's time allocation, the priority goes to students in Year 12, then Y11, Y10 and Y9. We will do our best to accommodate scheduling requests for students in the urgent needs.

Efficient management process

Given the limited time left, based on the assessment results of students, we will focus on the effectiveness, specifically target blind spots or weaknesses to solve key issues in the application process.

Calm and free from anxiety

At this stage, there are so many reasons to feel nervous and anxious. Our well-trained counselors will use positive language to care for, encourage and guide students with calm.

Close parent communication

While serving students, according to our experience, parents are also prone to anxiety during this period. We will maintain close communication with parents to ensure that their concerns are heard and we work together to complete the application process efficiently.