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Embracing the next big wave of the 4th Industrial revolution, the future has never been seen with so much uncertainty. 

It has becoming increasing challenging for families and students to navigate their future. 

We are here to help, to meet you where you are, to guide you step by step to whatever your dream is. 

Your dream is more than a top university in USA or UK.

We care for you, ignite your intellectual curiosity and tap into your vitality to grow into an independent, intelligent, responsible and kind human being. Then the world will become a better place because of you.

Why work with us?

  • One stop holistic and personalised service
  • Laser-focused academic tracking in partnership with 90 PLUS
  • Close communication with students and families
  • Proven track record with 100% Australian applicants
  • Boutique expert team to put you at the centre of everything we do
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Emphasisis on the real development rather than ticking the box
  • Great care of student’s well-being and family harmorny

Upcoming Events and Webinars

Time: 2024
Venue: ProNexus Education
Register: here

Study Tour in the United States

Time: Mid to late June
Venue: The Untied States
Register: here

Time: Every Tuesday from 16:00 to 19:00
Venue: Suite 3, Level 2, 209 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Past Events and Webinars

Free Lecture (Mandarin)

Time: Mar 17 2024 Sunday
Venue: Suite 3, L2 209 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
Register: here

Road to Success in a Challenging Era (Melbourne)

Time: Feb 5 2024 Monday
Venue: HEXA SPACE, L4, 830 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill VIC 3128
Register: here

Empowerment through VOICE

Time: Jan 28 2024 Sunday
Venue: 3by3 Studio,L1, 201 Botany Rd Waterloo
Register: here

Time: 22-24 Apr 2024 Sunday
Venue: Suite 3, L2 209 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
Register: here