Academic Support

This is our strength!

Our comprehensive strategic cooperation with NINETY PLUS ensures the best academic resource support. What’s more important is that once a student’s academic performance declines, our mentos will be alerted immetiately and can take timely action.

1. Subject tutoring

More than 20 years of expertise in the education industry have yielded countless accomplishments and guided many top students in college entrance examinations and academic subjects.

Whether it’s IB or HSC/VCE, we handle it all with ease.


With a solid foundation in the subject, SAT/ACT tutoring is a process of “making a big difference”.

Our experienced teachers will help students improve quickly in a short period of time. 

3. Preparation for the world’s top liberal arts & STEM competitions

JOHN LOCKE International Essay Competition, FBLA Future Business Leaders Challenge, Marshall International Essay Competition, Harvard International Economic Essay Contest (HIEEC), Harvard-MIT Mathematics Championship (HMMT), Australian Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry Olympiad… …Our tutors with proven record will accompany you to challenge!

In the past few years, some students whose school performance was not top-notch without much confidence at all to challenge those competitions at first, later, under the careful guidance of the tutors, they actually won international awards, which greatly enhanced their confidence and inspired higher pursuits.