Our Story


Since 2015, 90 Plus, a renowned academic tutoring institution in Sydney, has been assisting students each year in applying to top universities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Starting in 2023, re-branding as ProNexus Education, we integrate our valuable resources and rich experience to meet the growing demand.

More than supporting Australian and Asia-Pacific families in their pursuit of admission to prestigious institutions, our commitment extends to building a strong foundation and nurturing exceptional foresight in the younger generation.

Our goal is to establish a long-lasting impact that will accompany them throughout their life journey.

Through our extensive network of mentors globally and domestically, as well as strategic collaboration with 90 Plus, we strive to ensure that students make consistent and dedicated progress in academics, leadership development, and personal growth.

All our services put our students first. We value their ideas, push their boundaries, encourage independent thinking, refine exceptional abilities, and foster empathetic leadership.